Skin Coconut Chips

Skin Coconut Chips

Disponível nos tamanhos

  • 1.41oz
  • Conservação

    Store in a dry place away from sunlight. Once opened, seal well and keep refrigerated, consuming within 10 days.

  • Validade

    Expiration of 8 months from date of manufacture in ideal conditions.

  • Ingredientes

    Coconut almonds with dehydrated skin and INS 223 preservative.

  • A lot of flavor

    You don't have to give up something tasty to be healthy;

  • Nutritious

    A crunchy, practical snack and an excellent source of nutrients;

  • Light

  • Crunchy

    In Original, Sweetened, Golden, Skin, Ginger, Pineapple and Chocolate flavors!

Informações nutricionais

Energetic value

82 kcal = 344 kJ
VD(*) 4%


3,0 g
VD(*) 1%


0,9 g
VD(*) 1%

Total fat

8,1 g
VD(*) 15%

Saturated fat

7,2 g
VD(*) 33%

Trans fats

0 g
VD(*) **

Food fiber

2,0 g
VD(*) 8%


5,0 mg
VD(*) 0%