Coconut Sweetened Grated Coconut

Coconut Sweetened Grated Coconut

Disponível nos tamanhos

  • 3.52oz
  • Conservação

    Once opened, seal well and keep refrigerated, consuming within 10 days.

  • Validade

    Expiration of 12 months from date of manufacture in ideal conditions.

  • Ingredientes

    Obtained from a mixture of dehydrated grated coconut, maltodextrin and sugar, through a suitable process.

  • Obtained from a mixture of dehydrated grated coconut

    with added Sugar, for flavor balance;

  • No Gluten

  • Available in Fine and Medium versions

    Packages of 100g, 1,010kg and Bales of 5kg and 10kg

Informações nutricionais

Energetic value

111 kcal = 466 kJ
VD(*) 6%


11 g
VD(*) 4%


1,3 g
VD(*) 2%

Total fat

6,8 g
VD(*) 12%

Saturated fat

6,5 g
VD(*) 30%

Trans fats

0 g
VD(*) **

Food fiber

1,7 g
VD(*) 7%


0 mg
VD(*) 0%