Coconut Butter, Butter Flavor Without Salt

Coconut Butter, Butter Flavor Without Salt

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  • 7.05oz
  • Conservação

    Coconut butter will become liquid from 25ºC, as it is a natural characteristic of the product. If you want a creamy consistency, refrigerate for a few minutes. In climates below 25ºC, leave at room temperature or make a bain-marie until you get the desired consistency before consuming it. Once opened, seal well and consume within 30 days.

  • Validade

    Maturity of 10 months after manufacturing date in ideal conditions.

  • Ingredientes

    Coconut oil, flavoring identical to natural butter, natural coloring annatto and turmeric and citric acid sequestrant.

  • Contains Omega 9

    It helps in decreasing the Bad Cholesterol (LDL), without decreasing the Good Cholesterol (HDL);

  • Protect the heart

  • Contributes to Antibacterial and Antiviral Action

  • Helps in Weight Reduction

    Improves metabolism and energy levels;

  • Rich in lauric acid

    Promotes increased immunity;

  • Composta de gorduras saudáveis

    Composed of healthy fats

  • Acts as an antioxidant

    Protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals;

  • Lactose free

    Its preparation base is Coconut Fat, not having milk derivatives in its composition.

Informações nutricionais

Energetic value

85 kcal = 357 kJ
VD(*) 4%

Total Fats, of which:

9,4 g
VD(*) 17%

saturated fat

7,4 g
VD(*) 34%

trans fats

0 g
VD(*) **

monounsaturated fats

1,8 g
VD(*) **

polyunsaturated fats

0,2 g
VD(*) **


0 mg
VD(*) 0%
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It can be used for breakfast and food preparation.